Zero Install .NET
Zero Install .NET

This website documents the API provided by Zero Install .NET.

Zero Install is a decentralized cross-platform software installation system. You can learn more at


You can use the following NuGet packages to integrate Zero Install features into your own application:

ZeroInstall.Store Data model for the feed format, signature verification, management of on-disk caches

ZeroInstall.Services Core services like solving dependencies, downloading implementations and execution selections

ZeroInstall.Services.Interfaces Interfaces/abstractions for types from ZeroInstall.Services package

ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration Methods for integrating applications with desktop environments (creating menu entries, etc.)

ZeroInstall.Commands Command-line interface for Zero Install (both an actual CLI and a library for building other clients)

ZeroInstall.Publish Utilities for creating and modifying feed files

Building and contributing

See the GitHub project for information on how to build the source yourself and how to contribute.